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our mission is to do as much good as possible with each dollar generated through a seam certification™. we fund charities that will maximize the impact of those dollars across our charity categories.

charity categories

  • food + water - food security & improved nutrition; availability of clean water and sanitation for all

  • shelter - safe, secure, and adequate housing for all

  • safety + welfare - life & health; inclusive & peaceful societies & access to justice for all

  • education - inclusive & equitable quality education 

Image by Iris Uijttewaal

charity registration

 we fund high-impact charities with innovative models of operation and disruptive ways of thinking. in order to qualify to receive funds from seam certifications™, a charity must maintain a HICO score of 96 or higher. HICO stands for High Impact Charity Organization. there is never a fee for a charity to register to receive funding.

what makes up a HICO score?

the HICO scorecard covers the following measures:

  • 100% pass-through of public donations

  • achievable mission

  • program operations must follow Humanitarian Principles

  • financial transparency & accountability

  • unblemished reputation

  • evidence of cost-effectiveness

  • net-positive risk profile

  • marginal impact/capacity for additional funding

  • mission strategies effectiveness

  • expected value

Financial Report

contact us for more information

we get it. every charity is built differently. to ensure we make the most impact, we’ve studied the ways charities and non-profits operate.

we’ve created a simple, no-fee registration process to get you started right away. keep in mind that all non-profits must achieve a HICO score of 96 or higher to be considered for Charity Qualified status.

while we cannot guarantee all charities will be accepted at first, we will work together to find the fastest route to entry.


let’s get started!

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