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New SEAM Certification Addresses Social Impact in Built Environment

It presents a roadmap for developers, property owners, and occupiers to maximize opportunities.

A new measure of corporate real estate social sustainability was announced this week in SEAM Certification.

It provides guidance, resources, and certification for achieving positive social impact in the built environment.

SEAM, Inc., is a nonprofit organization led by commercial real estate industry executives Rainey Shane and Alex Demestihas.

The organization said in a release that it presents “a roadmap for developers, property owners, and occupiers to maximize opportunities for positive social impact through the built environment.”

Shane said in prepared remarks, “With SEAM Certification, organizations can differentiate themselves and their developments by meeting rigorous international standards for positive social impact in their communities and beyond.”

In its release, SEAM called itself “a complement to green building certification programs like LEED, SEAM, sets the bar for social equity in commercial real estate through project certification, professional accreditation, and membership in a community of like-minded professionals.”

It will follow internationally recognized standards and reporting frameworks “and can plug directly into an organization’s ESG, DEI and CSR strategies, providing a more accurate and compelling picture of the impact of their development across the entire supply chain,” according to the organization.

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