seam certification

our mission is simple: help organizations make a positive impact on the world. when your real estate project earns a seam certification, it demonstrates a tangible commitment to social sustainability, which creates a better business overall. together, we can make the world a better place for everyone.

what is a seam certification?

seam stands for social equity assessment method. it is a third-party verification of real estate projects certifying an organization's commitment to social sustainability based on metrics tied to internationally recognized and accepted standards and reporting guidelines. it is the vehicle for an organization to achieve authentic and measurable corporate social sustainability with real estate beyond environmental sustainability and wellness.  

how it works

  • similar scorecard format to LEED and WELL

  • metrics tied to international standards for social sustainability

  • a seam accredited professional (AP) leads the process

  • earn one of four certification levels - bronze, silver, gold, or platinum


declares intent to certify and become a seam certification candidate in our database


project is scored on criteria in 4 categories on the scorecard across the project lifecycle


projects undergo application review by third-party verification partner 


an affirmative decision on your review signifies that your project is seam certified

why certify?

the real question is, why wouldn’t you? a seam certification is the easiest way to align your organization's social objectives with your core values while investing in real estate. so, while you’re doing good for others, you’re also showing potential customers and future talent what your company is made of. and that’s always good for business.

the first-ever social certification for real estate

​seam is a roadmap for developing socially sustainable real estate projects that measurably increase prosperity. the social equity assessment method is based on four indicators of social sustainability, which include social responsibility, social impact, social justice, and social accountability. the social indicators are rated by 7 concepts made up of 18 features, that affect good outcomes for individuals, communities, and the world. for every project certified, we create a more connected, inclusive, and equitable planet.

a comprehensive approach to social sustainability

covering 18 features across 7 concepts affecting social sustainability

flexible for all project types, with certification options to customize your approach to fit your goals*

b + i

buildings + interiors

new construction and renovations of buildings or interiors as new projects

o + m

operations + maintenance

operations + maintenance of existing, operating buildings or interiors


community development

new land developments or redevelopments including community or placemaking projects


*scorecard criteria for version 1 currently in pilot project phase and will be publicly released in Q3 of 2022.

we are accepting pilot projects wait list applications

apply now.

we are accepting a limited number of pilot projects across each certification type and across geographic locations globally to calibrate the seam version one scorecard. submit the form to the right to be considered as a pilot project. if your project is not selected as a pilot project, it will be added to the waiting list in order of receipt. once version one is released, we will contact you to confirm registration of your project. should the timing no longer be feasible, you will be offered the opportunity to register a different project in your waiting list slot.

seam certification pilot project wait list application