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SEAM welcomes inaugural Crosswalks TAG committee volunteers

Meet the trailblazers supporting the movement to embed social equity in the built environment.

With the ongoing development of SEAM, we are excited to announce the formation of our inaugural Crosswalks Technical Advisory Group (TAG). This unique opportunity allows dedicated volunteers to play a crucial role in shaping our standards and advancing our mission to embed social equity in the built environment.

We are excited to welcome our 2024 cohort, who will collaborate with SEAM staff to develop crosswalks between SEAM and other prominent building certification standards. Their work will significantly streamline the certification process for projects aiming to meet multiple sustainability objectives by facilitating recognition and integration of SEAM’s social equity criteria within other certification systems.

Our committee represents a broad spectrum of industries and professional backgrounds, ensuring continuous innovation and comprehensive knowledge as we move forward. These new voices are critical to the success of SEAM. They expand our network within the industry, and we are proud to highlight a diverse group for this first cohort of committee volunteers. If you are interested in joining a SEAM TAG, please reach out.

This inaugural group will collaborate to push SEAM standards into new spaces and ensure that our framework for equitable built environments remains highly relevant, accessible, and innovative.



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