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Are you ready to change the world?

SEAM Certification helps companies leverage commercial real estate to create positive social impact in their communities and the world.

Are you ready to lead the change?

As a SEAM AP,  you’ll guide clients as they work toward certification by applying the SEAM social sustainability standard to their projects. 

Are you ready to join the movement?

Join the social impact movement with a community of like-minded people passionate about social equity within commercial real estate projects. 


make real estate a force for good.

SEAM Certification™ helps companies leverage commercial real estate to create positive social impact in their communities and the world. SEAM is an acronym for Social Equity Assessment Method and is a roadmap for developing socially sustainable real estate projects.

the time is now 

Never before has there been so much momentum and demand for social sustainability.

Let us help you leverage your commercial real estate to make the world a better place!

take control of your social impact

The SEAM Standard focuses on 4 themes of social sustainability rated by 8 concepts. These pillars support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and follow internationally recognized standards.


strengthen civil society and promote increases in capacity through socially responsible + sustainable development


reduce poverty and inequality by identifying and managing the social, cultural, + economic impacts 


protect all humans' inalienable rights + fundamental freedoms and create safe and healthy workplaces


promote root cause strategies leading to all persons having equal access to social resources in a racially just industry

The SEAM Standard is based on established & emerging global standards and reporting frameworks and therefore SEAM certification contributes to a company's overall CSR or ESG strategy. 

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multiple advantages

SEAM Certification is the intersection of authentic and measurable social sustainability, leveraging your commercial real estate impact beyond environmental sustainability and wellness and creating positive social impact locally, regionally, and globally.


We are SEAM, Inc., and we believe that every real estate project can create a positive social impact not only in the community where it exists but also globally. Our mission is to help companies use their real estate to make the world better. 

Thank You to Our Founding Sponsors + Donors

Founding sponsors + donors are an exclusive group of organizations that believe in our bold vision and financially support our ability to carry out the vision of leveraging real estate to create a positive social impact in the world. 

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