seam, inc.

seam, inc. is a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit created with the vision to help businesses make a positive social impact on the world through their real estate. seam is an impact-driven, membership-based nonprofit. All corporate giving related to certifications carries a 100% pass-through guarantee to ensure that every dollar of donations goes directly to the beneficiaries that it is intended. seam operations are funded through Memberships. 

what we do

we work closely with companies that have resources and the will and desire to use those resources to impact their communities and the world. seam certification™ is the tool that makes that happen. our mission is to help companies make a positive impact on the world through their commercial real estate.

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alex, co-founder
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rainey, co-founder

who we are

we are unapologetically idealistic. we believe deeply that social change can be made and that we can all take part in it. we strive to hold ourselves accountable by taking responsibility for successes and failures, learn from them constantly to best grow together. we aim to be trusted and transparent by being forthright and honest in every interaction to build long-lasting relationships.

the founders

rainey shane, co-founder: 15+ years commercial real estate experience, mostly in adaptive reuse. Rainey is passionate about anti-trafficking, combatting modern slavery, and is a Rescue Team Operator for child trafficking and forced labor rescue missions.

alex demestihas, co-founder:  15+ years commercial real estate experience covering multi-family and large corporate headquarters. Alex is passionate about causes involving human rights and spends his volunteer efforts focused on immigration rights.


our mission is to help real estate make a positive impact on the world